Blush For Christmas

  • By Katie Sutton
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Something weird has happened to me, I think I might be a bit excited about Christmas!!! I’m not great with Christmas normally, I go with the flow but its not my favourite time of the year. But things have gone a bit peachy!!!

It’s strange how trends happen, how once you start to pin ideas it seems like the same kind of colours follow you around. My Instagram feed has turned really peach & blush and I like it! I have been using it in my wedding styling too and after bagging some pretty new baubles in Asda of all places I am looking forward to dressing the tree. Now, the whole house won’t be peach – I mean its not 1988 but I am planning on changing things up a bit in all rooms. One reason for having a spruce, if Christmas isn’t a good enough reason is that I am having a special visitor soon who is coming to shoot the house for a magazine!! Very excited!! And I work much better under pressure!


I am also loving copper at the moment, as It would appear the whole of the design world is too but I especially love using copper with blush. Really warm tones without having to go down the red & orange route.




Finally, foliage is going to play a huge part in our house this year and I am looking forward to making garlands and wreaths using all of the inspiration to be found online. I loved styling a local Hairdressing Salon recently using lots of Ivy and Spruce. It feels really festive without being tacky.


Anyway I will be back soon once I start to style. It might be December but its certainly not Christmas yet!!
Bah Humbug!! xx


  Comments: 2

  1. Really enjoy your blog! The “kits” are a fabulous idea! I don’t know the dollar to pound exchange rate, but the prices seem reasonable. For future reference, do you ship to the USA? Thanks,

    @RhondaLovesVingage on Instagram, and Rhonda Rinehart on Pinterest

    • Thanks so much, I am not sure about the exchange rate either or indeed the shipping costs but I could have a look for you.

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