Bye Bye Cath

  • By Katie Sutton
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I suppose this is whats known as a cathartic post, new year, new me and all that but to be perfectly honest this has been manifesting for a while now.

When we moved into our home 12 years ago I knew exactly what I wanted. My friend brought me this book as a house warming present and I was certain that I would be turning our home into a Cath Kidston shrine!!

I obviously didn’t, our house evolved over the years but always with a Cath slant. Now I can categorically tell you that I loved every single CK present that I received over the years, and there were many. I was probably every persons dream for gift giving because they could just choose me something from the new range and know that I would be happy. I was happy, I was happy with new tea towels and oven gloves, I yearned for a bed spread, never got one! My kitchen was probably the main spot where Cath reined supreme and I painted the cupboards with this image in mind.

But as they say a change is as good as rest and we are well overdue a change. It would appear that while I still absolutly love vintage and pretty I need to see it in a different way. The living room is the first to be transformed, it is hard to look on Instagram and Pinterest daily and not be inspired to follow trends, I don’t intend to follow a trend but my love for pink is desperate to get out. I have an urge to combine a dirty pink with mustard velvet and still keep a vintage ecelctic look. The picture wall will have to go, as will the mirror that has been above the fireplace since we moved in. Its hard to believe that the living room hasn’t been redecorated for 10 years, other than new furniture!! But the time has come. I am excited to bring in mustard elelments and maybe paint a new piece of artwork…..

So, while I have been busy planning the living room in my head, it suddenly dawned on me last night that the kitchen needs to change too. I irradiated the red from it a couple of years ago, but there are still lots of Cath elements left. Please don’t get me wrong, I still love the original CK but it has changed so much and when they started introducing Disney that was the nail in the coffin!! I love retro and vintage but I want to do it in a more modern vintage way. I have started to source my inspiration and as we can’t afford to replace the wooden worktops and the red quarry tile floor I am going to have to work with them. Funnily enough pink is top of my list, but not a sweet candy pink but a more Georgian rustic pink. I love how the dark green in the images below contrasts with it too and I have lots of green glass that I can use. I am little obsessed with pink pottery at the moment too so I am looking forward to displaying more of this. I will keep you updated on my progress.


  Comments: 2

  1. I had the exact same book!! My houses on the Isle of Wight and in Devon were CK visions, right down to the oven gloves.
    I still love my white CK towels with a floral trim but everything else has gone. And no, I never got the bed-spread either. X

  2. I so agree with your post. I too loved the original Cath designs, indeed I worked in one of the stores for a while and loved the designs, coveting new deliveries. I confess I barely go into the store now, the Disney thing has killed it for me. Have fun with your new decorating ideas. X

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