Decorative Vintage Styling Workshop – Tunbridge Wells

Workshop number 3!! Its hard to believe that less than a year ago myself and Tamsyn Morgans set out to bring our love for vintage styling to the masses and we are now planning workshop 4 & 5! Eridge Village Hall was the last setting and boy it didn’t disappoint in the pretty stakes. The moment we walked in we were so happy with the light and the space, the fact that it was one of the hottest days in June and we had the use of the beautiful garden and the view was amazing all helped!!


We say it every time (usually after a big high five once the lovely people have left) but we really do have the best time. We come away feeling more inspired to do what we do after spending a day with individuals who are full of enthusiasm and excitement for styling and vintage treasures. The feedback we get is amazing, small business owners who use our workshops to gain more knowledge of styling their products and learning photography tips but also people who literally want to just spend the day in the presence of likeminded creatives, chatting and networking.

Our day at Eridge was a joy, mainly due to the combination of ladies that attended, a complete mix of ages and interests but with the common goal of having fun and learning something new. Sitting outside on vintage chairs drinking tea and learning about each other followed by a day of pretty flowers, props and afternoon tea really was perfect and because we loved it so much we have booked to do it all over again!! Next June, buy tickets here

If you can’t wait that long then we are very excited to have booked another in Bristol in October – book here. ¬†On a boat this time!! One thing is for sure, no two workshops are the same!! We hope that you can join us one day, there will be more in other parts of the country. Its a no brainer, we love vintage styling and we love that you love vintage styling too!


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