Faking it!

If you didn’t know already I absolutely LOVE flowers, my feed on Instagram is full of them, I sometimes worry that people will mistake me for a florist! I most certainly am not.

I love filling the house with flowers and for me our home feels empty without them. My favourite thing is to use seasonal flowers, I will often be found raiding my mum’s garden or hedgerows. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered a love of FAKE!!!!! Saying it out loud is scary but its a weight off my shoulders.

Since I started my wedding styling business I am always on the hunt for new ways to add impact to rooms, obviously using lots of flowers is a brilliant way to do this but not everyone has Pippa Middleton’s budget. When I decided I wanted to have hanging flowers at my last wedding I took advice from florist friends and they kindly gave me some excellent suggestions for flowers that would withstand the day. However, unfortunately neither cost or hot marquees were going in our favour so I opted to use fakes.

There are so many of them about now and the quality is so much better than ever before. I found various different varieties at The Range, Homesense and Dunelm. For my hanging flower installation these worked perfectly and the amount of people that thought they were real was unreal. I included ribbons and some real flowers for extra colour but by the afternoon they were wilting.

Since then I have used these flowers to decorate the house and used them in shoots. On the stairs I also included some garden flowers to add a lovely smell but these have long gone.

Those lovely people over at One.World kindly sent me some fake pink & white¬†hydrangeas which I’ll be using at another wedding later this year. Here styled up in their gorgeous stone urns they look really realistic, I have added some extra fakes of my own and some real Ivy as its the best greenery and lasts ages too. I love how classical they look and they are going to look stunning adoring a top table. You can find these and other gorgeous flowers using the links and just so you know I get commissions via purchases made through these links. I would never recommend anything that wasn’t lovely and these are fabulous.

With the surge in popularity of house plants too there are now many options of fake greenery around, this is essential for the likes of me who despite all of my best efforts and promises when I buy them I always kill them. Its such a shame, plants must quiver with fear when they see me walking towards them in the garden centre. Here is a round up of the best faux’s.

Cox and Cox

Rocket St George



Now then, please don’t get me wrong, If I had a choice it would be real over fake any day (in all walks of life!) I have worked with and follow some amazing floral artists and their talents astound me and blow fakes out of the water. Fakes do however have their advantages and they are slowly but surely creeping into the house more and more, question is, will you spot them??

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