Living with Plants

I won’t lie I am a pretty rubbish horticulturist!

I always start each year with good intentions of making the garden beautiful and planting bulbs etc and then when it comes to it I go to the garden centre when the weather gets warmer and buy a load of established plants to ‘style’ the garden! These then inevitability die in October and so the cycle starts again. My mum is a fantastic gardener and I wish some of her green-fingers would rub off on me but I am a lost cause. I also forget to water!!!
So needless to say I have never had much luck with house plants either. However, my lovely daughter has become a little obsessed with Cacti. She and her boyfriend are extremely happy standing in the garden centre for hours choosing a new addition to their collection and we now have lots! This has spurred me on to add to mine. When I did our bedroom makeover (see here) I purchased a few from Ikea and it made all the difference to the feel of the room. Another trip to Ikea and more appeared and so on…. I have to admit I do love having them around the house and it has given the – no name room a purpose again as I have re invented it as ‘The Garden Room’ this room has french doors into the garden and I have visions of sunny days, doors wide open and bringing the outside in.

Easy to buy Christmas presents for a Cacti Lover!

My daughters love for plants and her ever increasing passion for interior design (she starts a college course in September!!!) means we have another room to re design. Her bedroom has evolved over the years and has obviously become more grown up in that time but the floral wallpaper had remained.

I am happy to say it is going and something more tropical will be taking its place. Think Sketch – The Glade Bar meets Palm Springs! Now I will of course keep you updated with the progress of the room.We are currently hunting down suitable wallpaper but needless to say once a 16 year old decides on something I don’t think we will be waiting very long!

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