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  • By Katie Sutton
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When was the last time you sent one? I think I still have my old ones from an ex boyfriend somewhere but then I discovered the text message and that was that!


Natalia Willmott is on a mission to bring back the written word and in particular love notes. If you spend time on Natalia’s website Mybilletdoux it won’t take you long to realise that Natalia loves love and everything about it. The beautifully written blog has some lovely stories and it really makes you smile.

I was very kindly sent this gorgeous cushion, made with sumptuous silk and decorated with vintage french ribbon, which is right up my street! It arrived in the most luxurious box, wrapped in tissue paper and was a joy to open. The real surprise and the thing that sets it apart from other cushions is the hidden compartment at the back. Natalia has designed it so that a small notebook and pen will fit in the zipped pocket and you can write secret love notes to people! With my cushion I got a beautiful rose gold pen and pretty notepad but you can choose your pen colour. You can also choose your fabric colour and ribbon design so its personalised for you and you can even add a tassel or a charm to make it even more special.  It makes the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries or just because and just imagine Valentines day!!

So, I love mine and if you take the time to explore the website you will love them and the concept too. Even though I use my phone and laptop all the time I still keep a diary and make lots of lists, I love writing and the idea of incorporating this with beautiful home-wear is lovely. Especially when they are this lovely. Lets help bring back the Billet Doux xx


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