Pastel Boho Makeover Reveal!

  • By Katie Sutton
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Hello everyone x I am back! You see once I decide to do something I get so impatient that I have to do it right away, much to my husbands despair! So the bedroom is finished…..


Now I call it a makeover loosely as I haven’t decorated or moved the furniture around. I have however injected some much needed freshness and updated the artwork and decoration. The room has been the same for a while and once I started pinning the boho images I knew I had to include some plants and a bit more wicker. My first step was to buy a new light shade, ours was just white and I had seen the oversized ones in Ikea that I loved, without asking my other half {a bit naughty I know} I picked the new one, he hates it!! But I love the way he brings a focal point to the room and ties in the other wicker and wooden elements. Whilst in Ikea I picked up 3 plants, now you know I love flowers and the garden but I have never had a good track record with house plants so lets start praying for them now! The minute I put them in the room it felt different. I think it makes the room happier, I am now hooked. I bought a huge bunch of mini eucalyptus from the market to fill the bucket as I love it and I love the smell too.


Ok, so the second step was the wall decoration. Our wedding photographs had been up for two years as a picture wall, I didn’t want to take them down so I moved them to another wall to make room for the rug!!! This rug from H&M has been on my daughters floor gathering hair and annoying her for a while and I though BINGO! Perfect boho feel and it fills the large wall a treat. I love it! I bet you can guess what someone else thinks….. I added a vintage find rose print to the other wall and replaced the floral fabric hanging with some gorgeous tie dye blue fabric. I mean you can’t do boho with tie dye can you? I wanted my Vernon Ward swan print to stay above the bed because its my favourite and the blue tied in nicely.


Soft furnishings, well I couldn’t re~do the room without using the amazing vintage Sanderson fabric that I found last week. I absolutely love the colours and large flowers so I quickly updated the ottoman by draping it over it. The fabric brings that pastel pink and softness that I wanted too. I didn’t change the bedding because I love having white bed clothes but I did want to include some new cushions and reinstate the furry throw that we use in the winter. The different textures in the room are lovely and extra cosy. I found some really beautiful cushions in M&S with the essential tassels and pom poms required! They are pink too!!! I love pink. Ive also added a soft grey throw from TK Maxx.


I am really pleased with how it turned out, no its not completely boho, I still need the TV on the wall, I don’t have room for a rug on the floor and by tomorrow the chair will be yet again covered in clothes but I love it. I hope I have given you a few ideas and a little bit of inspiration too. Oh and if you are looking for a boho inspired rug there are some amazing ones in TK Maxx, just need to find somewhere to put it!

I have scratched my itch! I am now happy! Until the next room































  Comments: 3

  1. I love this look! Where did you get the dipped basket? Looks really lovely and relaxing!

    • Hi, thanks I love it too. I got the basket from a shop in Birmingham called The People Shop and I painted the bottom myself using chalk paint xx

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