Pastel Boho!

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Hello September…


Whilst I am not impressed that summer is almost over I do like that September is a month of new beginnings, new school shoes {or expensive trainers in this house} new pencil cases and a chance to get back into a routine. This routine I have been doing for the last 17 years as a teacher and I can tell you that throwing all that out of the window takes a bit of getting used to! I have lots to keep me busy though, including many post office drops! But I decided today that whilst I have the time I will update our bedroom. I still love it but it has been the same for ages now and Pinterest peeked my interest!

So, we are going pastel boho, I absolutely love all of the accounts I follow that do dark boho, like Abigail Ahern but I am a sucker for a pastel shade as you know and our house likes light colours. I don’t need to change much up, much of the stuff that we have will work, I just need a few extras and maybe a bit of stealing from other parts of the house. This will be, I repeat,  a cheap affair. I am terribly excited!!

Here are some of the images that I will work with, there isn’t anything here that fully resembles what I have it in my brain so it will be a surprise! Thank you to Pinterest and all of these amazingly styled rooms.

Can’t wait to show you xx


bedroom 1 bedroom 2 bedroom 3 bedroom 4 bedroom 5


  Comments: 1

  1. Lovely colors!

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