The 5 reasons I love Self Employment

One whole year!! I never ever dreamed I would do it and there are days when I wish I hadn’t!! But I will never go back and here is why…


  1. It’s all mine!!!!! Said in an evil villain voice – My business belongs to me, I make the decisions, I call the shots, I am moulding it to be exactly the way I want it. When you work for someone else you can’t say that, not really and it feels so good. The Vintage House That Could has already evolved loads since last July and I love the direction we are taking. I say we because it isn’t just mine is it, my whole family are part of this and thats what makes it even more special. I have an amazing husband who happily makes me anything I need, usually at very short notice and who is keeping us afloat in job that he would love to leave. My daughter assists me in every event, keeping me sane and on track throughout the day and we have such a laugh! And my boy comes treasure hunting with me and is getting a keen eye for things that I am looking for, start them young I say!
  2. I have met some truly amazing and inspirational people who really do care how you are doing. Having never been in the small business world I had no idea that hubs and business groups existed. Run by people who have been through everything that you have and understand the pressures of running a business, being involved has been invaluable. Loads of help and advice and sometimes just a place to vent when things aren’t going the way you want (like most of the time!) I can’t deny it I am the most impatient person ever and I cant understand why things don’t happen immediately and why I’m not on The Sunday Times rich list yet!! I knew nothing of accounts, taxes and HMRC! To be honest I am still burying my head in the sand a little but these ladies know their stuff and I’m not afraid to ask for advice. I have also made new friends and meeting for tea and cake and a good old gossip is brilliant and much needed when you work from home.
  3. Who needs sleep anyway? I live, breathe and try to sleep the business. I had no idea how much head space it would consume and how it takes over your life. This is not a negative, I am a person that gets bored really easily and I hate having nothing to do so the constant thinking is great. If I am not thinking about a wedding I am thinking about a new blog post, an Instagram post, a new client, a new idea, money, lack of money!, my to do list for the following day, venue visits…….. the list goes on and on. It is really keeping me busy and I love it. My eye bags do not.
  4. Freedom! I choose what I want to do when I want to do it. Obviously when I have a wedding coming up then I am running around like a crazy lady but I plan my days around client meetings, venue visits and prop shopping and if I need to go to school sports day or the dreaded dentist then I can, I just ask the boss, Oh thats me!!
  5. I love what I do!!!!! I have truly found my dream job, I get to combine my love of styling, vintage shopping and weddings. I get to meet the most wonderful couples and the wedding industry is just fabulous. I get frustrated daily by things that I still don’t know, I wish I knew more, I wish I had better computer skills and I wish I had done better at Maths (never gonna happen) but do you know what I think we are on the right track and I am pretty pleased with how far we have come in a year. Goals for the next year? Destination weddings and world domination? Thats doable right? 

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