Big White Pampas Wedding

Remember Margo and Jerry from the Good Life? Well they loved it!! And it would appear I do too!

I am not entirely sure when I first noticed it or why I decided it was cool but I have been driving past a huge Pampas grass for years now and never gave it a second glance. I even did  boho/70s themed styling last year and never thought to include it but it is so lovely and it makes me happy!

I suppose Pinterest has a lot to answer for and once I got the idea and started looking I couldn’t stop, so many gorgeous uses of it in wedding styling. All images from Pinterest.


So I have since used it to adorn my tables and churns for wedding fairs but I am looking for a couple who would like to go the whole hog!!! Don’t worry you can have other things too but believe me a pampas grass wedding is where its at!!


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