How to stay excited about your postponed wedding…

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So, if anyone had told me this situation was going to happen even 3 months ago I wouldn’t have believed them and I certainly didn’t think that I would be writing this blog post but hey!! No one ever said that life was certain and predictable and so most people have accepted what life has  … Read more

Styling Flowers In The Home

And how it can change your mood Its no secret that I am flower obsessed, even before the weddings started I would always fill my home with whatever I could find, often foraged from walks, raided from my mum’s garden or even a couple of bunches from the super market.

2019, What a Year!

Although it feels like this year disappeared in a flash! It was also my busiest and most successful with loads of fun thrown in for good measure.

How can a wedding stylist help?

I get a large proportion of enquiries that start with the comment, “we really love your work but we are not sure what we need or what we can have” Many couples also struggle with knowing what the process is for designing and styling their big day. Well, guess what? Thats ok! and thats my  … Read more

Is a Barn Wedding for me?

Just why are they so popular? In the last few years Barn weddings have overtaken every other type of venue but what makes them so special and can you only have a certain type of vibe in a barn? Shustoke Barn ~ Italian Wedding

How To Use Pinterest Effectively For Your Wedding

The concept is easy, there are millions of images, anything you can imagine or wish for is on Pinterest and so therefore putting your wedding scheme together is easy right?

2018 In Review & Feeling Proud

Well another year bites the dust and Its really not until you properly look back that you realise exactly what you have achieved, I urged you all in an Instagram post a few weeks ago to write down your successes, yes we have to look at what didn’t work too but I promise you even  … Read more

Christmas With Dobbies

I am not a huge fan of putting up the Christmas decs too early but as you know I like to make an entrance! So working with Dobbies Garden Centres was an excellent excuse to make the front door lovely and festive.

How the business started and my life changed!

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I wrote this piece last November for A Life Loved blog. Its all still true and I thought some of you might like to have a read about how The Vintage House That Could came about. But What About Your Pension? Some of the very first words uttered to me by several people including my  … Read more

More is More

In a world where it feels like everyone is trying to reduce their belongings and live a minimal life I am here to tell you that I think more is definitely more!