More is More

In a world where it feels like everyone is trying to reduce their belongings and live a minimal life I am here to tell you that I think more is definitely more!

I do love simple, in fact I have just designed and planned my most minimal styled shoot to date and I love it but for me there is something so beautiful about clashing patterns, flowers on flowers and vibrant colours. I especially love using patterns at weddings, it almost seems like someone once said “at weddings you must have white tablecloths and the cake must sit on a round white table in the corner” Why? Again, I do love white, my whole house is white! But there is another way and I love couples who are brave and love pattern & colour too.

Vintage fabrics layered up create such an inviting scene and make for a more interesting experience for your guests. It also eliminates that need for a ‘colour scheme’

Its so good to see that this attitude is being used across the fashion and wedding world too with the more is more approach coming into many new trends. If you don’t think that the floral pattern vibe is quite your thing then why not go for a coloured tablecloth.

Look how the colours all become more vibrant against the green cloth, no theme just the theme of colour, texture and beautiful objects. What more could you want at a celebration?

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