How To Use Pinterest Effectively For Your Wedding

The concept is easy, there are millions of images, anything you can imagine or wish for is on Pinterest and so therefore putting your wedding scheme together is easy right?

I have seen many many wedding boards over the last few years and I know my couples won’t mind me saying that some were more cohesive than others! It is essential to start off with lots of pins, you must throw your net wide to find out what you like and hate however, knowing how to narrow it down and create an overall concept can be tricky.

I know that some couples prefer to have separate boards for each element of their wedding, one for flowers, one for cakes etc. Whilst this helps you become more organised I actually prefer to create one overall board so that you get a feel for the look and feel of the day. I also know that its very easy to get PIN happy!! You get stuck in a wedding vortex and everything starts to look appealing, so I like to pick out my absolute faves and create a moodboard. This can be done on powerpoint or as a photo collage.

This way you get to see what your favourite flowers look like next to your dress next to your venue and so on…

When I meet with couples initially I always check if they have a Pinterest board set up so that I can have a look and we can chat through choices. I then use this as a starting point for my designs, I create a brand new one using their pins and mine. Even a small mood board can help to show other suppliers and that way everything becomes cohesive.

Its also ok to change your mind!! I can assure you that many of my couples look back on their original boards and can’t believe how many ideas have changed along the way, especially if we have worked together for 18 months or more. There is so much choice that it can be difficult to pinpoint (pardon the pun!!) exactly what you want but remember its your day and you don’t have to have ANYTHING that you have seen before. Have faith in your instincts but if you need help putting all of your ideas together then use a stylist!.

Have fun xx

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