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So, if anyone had told me this situation was going to happen even 3 months ago I wouldn’t have believed them and I certainly didn’t think that I would be writing this blog post but hey!! No one ever said that life was certain and predictable and so most people have accepted what life has thrown them and run with it. But what about your plans, your hopes and dreams, how can you keep those at the forefront of your mind when we are surrounded by so much uncertainty?

I am in the business of making people happy! Its what I thrive on and what makes me get out of bed in the morning. Over the last few months it has been heartbreaking to witness such sadness across the world and closer to home my couples have had to face the prospect that their weddings, some of which have been planned and booked for well over two years were not going to happen.

I made the decision very early on in the process to make the postponement experience as easy as possible for all of my couples. I have always been a glass half full kind of gal and I wasn’t about to let this stop them plan and prepare for their biggest day so far. Dates were changed, in some cases venues were too and for many the pinterest board was thrown out of the window and a whole new scheme was or will be created!

However, one of the saddest parts of the discussions I was having with my clients was that they had now lost their enthusiasm for the wedding day! What would have been really soon, what had been anticipated for so long was now further from their reach and they felt deflated, understandably so.

I asked some of my affected couples to give me their advice for coping with postponemnet and how they are keeping the excitement alive until their new date arrives.

  • One of my favourite quotes so far was “Although we are really sad that our original wedding day can’t go ahead, we now have more time to plan and get excited!” If thats not turning a negative on its head I don’t know what is!
  • “Being in lockdown together has made us closer as a unit, we now have more time to actually discuss the wedding details and it doesn’t feel like a chore”
  • “We love following our wedding suppliers on social media, especially when they talk about being excited for next years weddings and knowing we have picked the right people to help create our perfect day”
  • “We have made a website for our new wedding date and invited all of our friends and family to look at it. We keep adding new pictures of the venue, our inspiration pictures and have made a new countdown!”
  • “I had to pick my wedding dress up last week and it was something I had been dreading! I was adamant I wasn’t going to try it on but she insisted and I loved my dress so much more than before, I now don’t care that I have to wait another year as I am so excited to wear it”
  • “Being able to reorganise the Hen Do! It has kept me busy during lockdown and I just know that this one will be so much better!!”
  • “We arranged a virtual party on our original date, everyone got dressed up and the best man even did a variation of his speech! It was lovely to know that all of our friends and family are so supportive and they are so excited for our new date too”
  • “We got a piece of artwork made to celebrate our original date and remind us of our new one”
  • “Just knowing that our loved ones will be able to share our special day with us makes it all the more exciting especially when we were so worried for a while that no one would be able to attend”

There you go! Lots of tips and advice to help you get through this time. Being forced to the make the most of a bad situation usually brings out the best in people, I am proud to be part of an industry that has done everything in its power to make people as informed and kindly treated as possible. Remember though, you are in this together, talk to each other, share your feelings and don’t feel bad for feeling sad. I literally can not wait to start creating again and the hugs on those days will be extra extra special.

I would love to know how you have coped in this situation or if you would like to chat about how I can help with your wedding day then please drop me a message here or email me on [email protected] xxx

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