Styling Flowers In The Home

And how it can change your mood

Its no secret that I am flower obsessed, even before the weddings started I would always fill my home with whatever I could find, often foraged from walks, raided from my mum’s garden or even a couple of bunches from the super market.

I suppose I have always loved flowers way back to when I would create rose petal perfume for my mum! and fill my dollhouse with mini bunches from the garden. Now I feel very lucky that I get to play with flowers for my job, I love how they create memories at weddings and I really love the look on a brides face when she sees her bouquet for the first time.

Now more than ever bringing nature into the home is vital, it has the power to uplift your mood and make a rainy day feel better. I know lots of you won’t have the option of going out in the garden or being able to forage so we have to be clever. If you are going out to do your weekly shopping or even doing it online then you should definitely slip a couple of you fave bunches into your basket, I consider them to be an essential purchase! Once you have your bunches you can create so many things….

If you treat yourself to a couple of bunches then you can split them up and dot them around the house or create a whole display like this one. Simple jars and bottles can make a stunning effect when used on mass and you can collect these up from general day to day use. I have lots of different vessels now and love to use more unusual pieces too, but don’t be afraid to put flowers in anything that hold water! Old crystal decanters are fab, teapots and even cleaned out tin cans. Be sure to condition your flowers, trim a good inch off the bottom and remove any leaves that might sit below the waterline.

If you want to create more of an arrangement with your flowers, again you can use any vessel, this is a large urn I picked up in a charity shop, always be on the look out for pieces that catch your eye. As florists we are trying to move away from floral foam to create arrangements and so putting chicken wire in the base is a great way to hold your flowers in place but if you don’t have any lying around the house! You can use strips of sticky tape across the top of the vase to create a mesh, this will keep your flowers in place. If you can forage some foliage from the garden or on your daily walk then start with this to form the shape of your arrangement and add the flowers in at different heights, keep holding them up and seeing if it works before snipping to the right length.

If you are lucky enough to have things growing in your garden or even if some happen to be hanging over your side of the fence! Bringing some into the house is a fabulous way to make an impact and the smell of this wisteria above the bed was heavenly. Cut flowers won’t last as long inside obviously but cease the moment I say and put a big smile on your face.

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