Do me a favour!

This is one subject that I get asked a lot about when I meet my couples so I thought I would throw some ideas at you. The options are limitless, your budget is not always! I always encourage my couples to think carefully about their favours, not everyone has them but if you want to offer your guests a gift then it needs to be something that they will want and not discard on the table at the end of the night. Even better if it is something that can be taken home and serves as a lovely memory of your special day.

My favours

For our wedding 4 years ago we had 2 different favours. My mum very kindly made strawberry Vodka, for months prior to the big day she steeped strawberries in Vodka and then we decanted it into vintage milk bottles. What I didn’t consider was how much undiluted alcohol was in each one and how big each bottle was! Our guests downed the delicious drink in one, it was potent!! Cue lots of very happy guests… For our second, more sensible favour I made personalised seed packets and filled each one with wild flower seeds. My dad cut down a large tree which stood in the corner of the marquee and I pegged the packets onto it for the guests to collect themselves. It was a gorgeous addition to the venue and lots of flowers were grown that summer and the summer after.

Favour ideas

Over the last few years I have seen lots of different ideas. Many very personal to the couples interests or lives.

Toy robots, mini pots of handmade jam, aeroplane shaped bottle openers, personalised card games (great to do during the reception) charity pins, lottery tickets, seeds and beautiful handcrafted tea light holders.

I love it when gifts are personalised and even better if I can incorporate it into gorgeous table designs or use them as place names. I am very often asked by companies if I will promote their products and if I love them then of course I will.

One recent company to get in touch is Dalit Goods, a registered charity who for 20 years have been building and managing schools and children’s homes in India. Every purchase of the charity candles and all other products goes towards supporting work with the Dalits in India. I first came across them a few years ago but I didn’t realise that they sell their smallest candles as favours and they are perfect. Not only does buying them do good, I also love the packaging and they look lovely in any setting. Equally at home in a boho tipi or an elegant country house. Dalit sent me some of their amazing candles as a gift so I decided to style them up in a table setting using peonies and honeysuckle with pinks and greys. As I say the little boxes are so cute and I tied a ribbon around one to create a place name too. I also used some rather beautiful stationery by Nats Paper Studio which complimented it perfectly.

So, lots of ideas for you to think about. My advice though, if you are going to have favours make them special and make them mean something, I have cleared away many things the day after that took lots of time and effort or cost lots of money. Oh and no one likes sugared almonds!!!! xx



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