A Garden Centre Wedding?

I am pretty sure if you told people you were having your wedding in a garden centre most people would think you were a bit strange and smile politely! But what if you were having it at Petersham Nurseries?

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am more than a little obsessed with this gorgeous place. After my first visit to the Richmond site last year I fell in love with the rustic, romantic vibe. Many other people probably wouldn’t see it in this way and just see a lovely garden centre but the combination of plants, flowers and curiosities are a joy.

The new Covent Garden venue is equally as beautiful but much grander, you certainly don’t feel like you are in the centre of the capital. On my last visit they were just about to open their new restaurant and we got a sneak peak into the courtyard. An absolutely gorgeous space inside and out and it really does transport you to a Mediterranean courtyard.

The best bit for me when I visit places like this is the amount of styling inspiration. I love the prospect of a garden centre wedding incorporating the elegance of Covent Garden Petersham and the rustic charm of the Richmond site. I know many beautiful weddings have taken place here and it would be a dream. I love searching for images that can inspire me further so I have included some below.

There’s a real French romance feel about the new Petersham, I also love using potted plants and greenery in my styling and the amount of plants and florals that fill the spaces are amazing. I love the muted tones with pops of pink and peach like the beautiful homeware, glass, candles and vintage pieces you can purchase too, trust me it’s really hard to resist! I can’t wait for the email that asks me to style a garden centre ~ I do hope it’s Petersham!

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