Petersham Inspiration Styling

I took at trip down to the very Instagramable Petersham Nursey, Richmond in January and fell in love at first sight! So imagine my excitement when I heard they were opening a new branch in Covent Garden…..

On a trip down to London last Monday my first stop was Covent Garden, it always feels so welcoming don’t you think? I love wandering around and browsing the markets but I was on a mission to find Petersham and it didn’t disappoint. I just love the way that they have curated the space and created an environment where you struggle to know where to look first. Yes, lots of things are high priced but you can still find some affordable pieces and in the same vain as Richmond there are antique pieces intermingled with new. The best thing for me though is the huge amounts of inspiration, especially for weddings and I love how opulent chandeliers are sat next to rusty furniture and aged pots.

I obviously couldn’t walk away without a little souvenir! So I picked 2 gorgeous sandy pink candles and a glass vase with the idea of using it as a candle holder. My little brain was whizzing away on the train on the way home!! I have big plans for the candles plus heaps more of them for a future wedding but today I fancied styling up with a pop of colour and so I used the muted tones of the stone vessels & candles and then the strong orange from the roses and french books. A garden wedding is on the cards and I am so excited to use this inspiration and lots more plants.










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