Winter Celebration Pastel Table With Denby

  • By Katie Sutton
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Who doesn’t love gathering around the table with their loved ones to celebrate and share a wonderful meal? So when Denby approached me to work with them on their new range I jumped at the chance.

Always on the lookout for beautiful tableware to style with and to recommend to my couples, this range does not disappoint.

Denby have collaborated with Monsoon to create Monsoon Gather. Featuring intricate patterns from Monsoon’s fabric archive in relief. There are six pieces in four delicious colourways. Muted shades of pink, grey, green and blue. Monsoon Gather can be used for all occasions, it’s really durable whilst still looking delicate and I love how the colours mix really well with other pieces that you may have at home.

I wanted to use the collection to create a winter themed wedding table, not one for using traditional colours at Christmas, I love using pastel shades at all times of the year. I love how the soft colour palette mixes with the festive foliage and vintage vessels. I am obsessed with mixing up textures so I opted for a linen tablecloth, velvet runner and my favourite sheepskin rugs. The patterns on the plates really add another layer of detail and I always opt for lots and lots of greenery.

Denby sent me a set of four plates and a large oval serving plate in the gorgeous blush pink. You know how much I love pink so this is my favourite piece. Imagine it piled high with food to share. For me the joy of eating with others at any time of the year but especially Christmas is just the best and when you can spend time setting the table and making everything look cosy it’s even better.



  Comments: 2

  1. Absolutely love this range. I already have the Monsoon ‘cosmic’ range but this is so much more subtle. Could really do with something more everyday. Wonder if it will be in the sales?!

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