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Garden Studio

When I started the business I never even contemplated the quantity of stock and props that I would acquire or indeed where said items would live!!

One of the best parts of being a wedding ¬†stylist is searching for new and unique pieces but more often than not you don’t just need one of these pieces you need a set of ten or twelve and this soon starts to mount up. So imagine what happens when things start to take over, imagine the constant battle with sorting and rearranging after each event whilst also trying to live in the same space….

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Marble Mania

Like a mother living out her dreams through her children I am living out my interior/wedding fantasies through my wonderful clients! You may have seen on Instagram that I recently updated my kitchen and although I would absolutely love to replace my wooden worktops with marble, sadly funds will not allow. Therefore I am gradually introducing as many affordable marble accessories as possible.

I love it!! And luckily for me working in the wedding industry I get to see all of the fabulous ways that it can be used.

Marble has the ability to be both classical and modern. It is just at home in a French chateaux as it in in an industrial venue. The most recent resurgence for modern geometric shapes seen in the interior world doesn’t seem to be letting up. It is everywhere and I love how it can be used as a main feature or just as small accents.

Used as place mats in this gorgeous setting, it really lends itself so well to these romantic rustic surroundings. A table scape to die for!! Styling by The Marthy’s Vintage Garden

I am still very much in love with it being used as place names, especially here with the gold calligraphy.

Incorporating your venue aesthetic is really important and I love how this couple worked with the vast amounts of marble in their Town Hall wedding. They have used lots of other modern elements too but the flowers keep it romantic and soft. Photography РCamilla Arnhold

This stunning marble hexagonal cake is both modern but timeless and the use of real flowers really adds that wow factor. Cake – Custom Baked Cakes

When I spotted this marble table in the orangery at Yeldersley Hall I was over the moon to use it in our Miami Vibes shoot, as seen on Rock My Wedding. Photography – Life Through a Lens

The majority of marble used is Carrara, which is white and grey but brand new onto the interior scene is Terrezzo. I say brand new, its been around for decades but as with everything its made a comeback and the varieties and colours are amazing. When I think of it I picture a huge Miami beach house in the 1950s, with Terrezzo floors, pink velvet loungers and palm trees…… ooooo!!! Think Feud, Bette & Joan, and if you haven’t watched it you need to!! Here are some of my fave images.

Savak Zargarian

I got slightly carried away on the amazing Yellow Trace blog! Such gorgeous interior inspiration and as I always say, if you love it in your home whats stopping you from bringing it into your wedding?

Now, I am off to find a marble butter dish, don’t ask!!!


Bye Bye Cath

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I suppose this is whats known as a cathartic post, new year, new me and all that but to be perfectly honest this has been manifesting for a while now.

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Love Letter

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When was the last time you sent one? I think I still have my old ones from an ex boyfriend somewhere but then I discovered the text message and that was that!


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Pastel Boho Makeover Reveal!

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Hello everyone x I am back! You see once I decide to do something I get so impatient that I have to do it right away, much to my husbands despair! So the bedroom is finished…..


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