Garden Studio

When I started the business I never even contemplated the quantity of stock and props that I would acquire or indeed where said items would live!!

One of the best parts of being a wedding  stylist is searching for new and unique pieces but more often than not you don’t just need one of these pieces you need a set of ten or twelve and this soon starts to mount up. So imagine what happens when things start to take over, imagine the constant battle with sorting and rearranging after each event whilst also trying to live in the same space….

Cue clever husband and space at the end of the garden. This particular area in the garden had only been made-over 2 years previously to create a lovely decked area and pergola but to be honest other than it looking good we didn’t use it. With the decking base it was the perfect spot to create a garden studio and utilise what we had.

While work commenced on the structural side of things I started planning the most important things like the interior and the colours. I knew I wanted it all white inside to maximise the light and so it could double up as a photography studio. Whilst I knew Martin wanted to use it to make more space in the house and fill it with boxes I hankered after a space where I could display my prettiest things and use it as a consultation space to meet couples and chat all things weddings.

Progress wasn’t always smooth and lack of funds meant that it stood dormant for a while, my September opening party ideas came and went but I knew I had to be patient, not something I am notoriously good at!!

Having a new space to plan and fill means lots of Pinterest sessions, there are so many creative studio spaces to get inspiration from and you can see my board here. My studio was completed in November and its first use was for my Denby shoot. It was amazing to have a dedicated space to lay out all of my things and not get in anyone else’s way. Its not completed finished, I still have things to put up but I have a feeling it will keep changing according to my mood and items I come across on my travels.

I have already christened it for consultations and according to each client I can bring particular items in and set schemes up for them. I am planning to bring in more plants to make it feel like a proper garden studio and the beauty of it is I can throw open the doors in the summer months and spill out onto the grass, a girl can dream!!

To be perfectly honest I still don’t have enough room and as the business gets bigger and busier I am constantly struggling for space, maybe one day I will need premises but for now my little garden studio is my favourite thing in the world, other than all of my other favourite things obviously!!!


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