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Blog Awards!!!!!


Good morning all. Well this is exciting! I know I probably appear to just be excited all the time at the minute but there is literally so much buzzing around my head! I have so many different irons in the fire with each aspect of the business that it’s sometimes hard to remember what I’m doing! But I am so flattered to be nominated in the Best Newcomer category, after following the Amara awards over the last couple of years I can’t quite believe that i’m in it! So, I need your votes!! I mean it would be absolutely amazing to be shortlisted but I am up against some fabulous other blogs. If you like what I do and enjoy reading my ramblings then please head over to the website Amara – Interior Blog Awards and show your support. Whilst you are there you can discover some other great blogs in the other categories. Voting closes on September 9th.

Thanks so much everyone xxx

Styling The Seasons – July All Change

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I actually can’t believe that we have come to the end of July already. This morning I decided to look back at all of my styling the seasons posts to help me remember the journey I have been on for the last 15 months, yes it’s been that long, I was shocked too! I love being able to compare how my styles have changed, even the ones I regret, along with my outlook, it’s such a great visual diary and one that I’m really glad I started.


examples of old styling the seasons posts

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Vintage Flat-lay Styling Kits

Hello! It seems like ages since we last spoke and I sat in front of my computer, this needs to stop! I promise to be more attentive as of now….

So, vintage flat-lay styling kits what are they all about? Well the vision came to me one afternoon whist  was doing my usual faffing and moving of objects! Some of the things that I was laying out on the table really blended and I thought wouldn’t this make a lovely box of goodies for those in my position who love to play and photograph pretty things. I decided to source all of the items separately from various places as some of them are vintage, like the old tickets and postcards and some are vintage style like the tags.


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Styling the Seasons ~ June

So! I’ve managed it! I’ve finally got around to writing up my Styling the Seasons post without it it being the last day of the month and getting in by the skin of my teeth.
For me this was an easy one, June has been incredible in many ways, loads going on. I’ve been down to that lovely London twice, firstly for the 91 Magazine launch party which was fab! And then of course to Blogtacular, and you all know how I felt about that day!!  I went over to those wonderful people at The People Shop ~ Allison & Christian as it was the shop’s 16th birthday and I got to meet Selina Lake, doing her book signing. More about that in another post. I hit the ‘magic’ 10k on Instagram!!!! But mostly I also got to meet some really lovely people and for that I am thankful.
So, when it comes down to June it’s simple, well it’s only Peony season isn’t it and if there is one flower that really does it for me it’s the Peony!! I love them, I love how incredibly beautiful they are, the smell, the layers upon layers of petals and they literally stop me in my tracks when I walk passed them. I have to have them in the house and so naturally I had to style them for this months post.


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So! My brain is frazzled, It also hurts a little, my eyes are still droopy and I have a heavy heart, I have so many things whirling around in my head that I know know whether I am coming or going!!! What on earth have I been up to you may wonder, a heavy night partying, a long day at work or has something bad happened? Quite the contrary! I have been to Blogtacular and I bloody loved it!!!

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